Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapy
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26260)

My Approach

Children and Adolescents

Individual psychotherapy gives children and adolescents a private and safe space to make sense of and process their unique experiences. This is particularly important and beneficial when those experiences have been colored by disturbing thoughts or feelings, anxiety or fears, trauma, or complex sensory systems.

I offer a collaborative, exploratory, practical, and flexible approach to support children and their families. Generally speaking, we will work together to understand the meaning behind troubling, confusing, and frustrating behaviors and feelings, and help your child create new, more adaptive patterns of acting, relating, communicating, and thinking. This will generally take place during individual meetings with your child, and during additional regular parent meetings where we can track progress and I can support you with challenging parenting situations.


Psychotherapy is a deeply personal and intimate undertaking that allows us to privately express, explore, and make sense of our lives and histories. I offer a style that is down-to-earth, thoughtful, practical, and collaborative. Because each person seeks out therapy for different reasons and brings a complex history, I tailor each treatment to meet your unique needs, goals, strengths, and preferences.

Generally speaking, our work will involve uncovering and understanding the current and root causes of your personal difficulties, and reworking them together in the context of our unique relationship. Shifting long-standing, and often unconscious patterns in this way can ultimately lead to both deep and long-lasting change.

People find that working together in this way often leads to feeling they have attained a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, freedom from old patterns, memories, and behaviors, an increased ability to respond to conflicts, and a larger capacity to enjoy life.


I am licensed clinical psychologist and work with children, adolescents, and adults. My orientation towards therapy is psychodynamic and developmental, which means I consider our relationship histories and dynamics, internal and external conflicts, developmental needs and capacities, environments and cultures, and our individual bodies and sensory systems. I approach each person with curiosity, thoughtfulness, and warmth, and view each treatment as its own creative and collaborative endeavor. I am also a supervisor and faculty member at Access Institute for Psychological Services, and an Adjunct Faculty member at the Wright Institute.

In addition to being a practicing psychologist, I am participating in further training at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis. If you are interested in beginning a psychoanalysis or learning more about this kind of specialized treatment, please call me for more information.


Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology)
Clinical Psychology
The Wright Institute

M.Sc. (Master of Science)
Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies
University College London
Psychoanalysis Unit

B.A (Bachelor of Arts)
Comparative Literature and Theory
University of Pennsylvania

Clinical Training

Pre-doctoral Internship at Access Institute for Psychological Services

Post-doctoral Fellowship at UCSF Infant Parent Program


Issues I help adults with include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Loss, Bereavement, and Grief
  • Familial or Marital Relationship Problems
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Destructive or Self-Defeating Behavior
  • Phase-of-life Challenges
  • Questions of Identity
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Career Concerns
  • Self Esteem

Childhood and adolescent challenges:

  • Learning Differences
  • Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders
  • Parental Divorce or Separations
  • Anxieties, Fears, and Panic
  • Mood Difficulties, Feelings of Anger, Loneliness, and Sadness
  • Social Difficulties, Bullying, or Trouble Making Friends
  • Life Transitions Such as Starting or Changing Schools, or the Birth of a New Sibling
  • Loss, Bereavement, and Grief
  • Difficult Behaviors
  • Sensory Integration, Motor Planning Issues, and Regulatory Challenges
  • Parent Support


Please call to discuss my current fee. If it exceeds what you can afford, we can discuss reduced-fee hours depending on your resources and availability.

I do not accept direct payment from insurance. However, if you have a health savings plan or health insurance plan that allows you to choose an out-of-network provider I can provide you the necessary documentation to seek reimbursement.

Health plans vary in terms of how much and what kind of mental health treatment they cover. Please consult with your carrier to verify their coverage and reimbursement rates.


Please feel free to call me at 415.735.1747 or email me at DrElizabethBradshaw@gmail.com to set up an initial consultation.